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Woolman Spring

This is an exciting time for everyone involved with the development of Burlington Island: the Board of Island Managers, the City of Burlington, Woolman Community Development, and local residents. This jewel of an island, which has been dormant for more than 50 years, is going to once again become a destination for visitors.

Burlington Island has been a treasure of the City of Burlington for more than 300 years. The development of the island represents an opportunity to increase funding for schools and scholarships, to attract visitors interested in learning about the area’s history, to provide a recreation resource, and enable all to share in the island’s natural beauty.

Woolman Development recognizes the rich history of the island and will provide the public with an educational experience while minimizing impacts to the island. Development will be in four phases, the first of which will consist of a Lenape Village with cultural craft workshops, a ferry dock on the Burlington side (back channel), wildlife trials, beaches, and boating amenities on the 97-acre natural spring lake.

Available for download is a PowerPoint slide show giving an overview of the recorded history of Burlington Island, from 1624 when the Walloon's first settled there through some of the attractions that will be included with Woolman Community Development's plan. Pictures of some of the amusement park attractions are also shown.